Our Centers of Excellence

  • Strategic Consulting
    Strategic Consulting

    Our strategic consulting helps business leaders and government organizations identify and realize the value that spatial data and geospatial technologies can add to their businesses.

    Strategic consulting consists of various steps that are driven by the nature of business of each organization, which includes data gathering through research, surveys and/or interviews, hypothesis-testing, (fact-based) data analysis, setting up a recommendation and subsequently presenting the advice to client management.

    The implementation of the strategy – known as ‘strategy execution’ – involves translating strategies to action plans and implementing these plans within the organization, including areas such project management and benefit realization.

  • ArcGIS Enterprise Application Development
    ArcGIS Enterprise Application Development

    We provide end-to-end enterprise solution development services on ESRI’s ArcGIS platform, starting from requirements analysis and enterprise architecture to implementation.

    Our architects will step in and help you identify and make appropriate technical decisions that is right for your needs and budget, increase user productivity, and balance system performance for any scale of GIS, from a single department to intercontinental deployments.

    Utilization and timely upgrade of your existing geospatial requires specialized skills, and our technical team can review your current hardware, software, and network infrastructure along with your goals and operational workflow requirements to:

    • Select the right system environment, including evaluating a cloud environment.
    • Build appropriate system capacity.
    • Optimize system performance, reliability, and security
    • Develop scalable and extensible applications and databases.

    We will also provide infrastructure support strategies to prepare for future GIS implementations so that your system grows as you grow.

  • Open GIS Enterprise Application Development
    Open GIS Enterprise Application Development

    GIS has long been an industry that was accessible and viable for organizations with significant financial capacity, like governments. However, in today’s world, geospatial solutions are used by startups to corporates, in addition to governments. Availability of Open Source based geospatial technologies has been one of the key reasons for this positive shift in the industry.

    Aflex GIS always ensured that we are not locked into a specific technology or vendor, rather we have the full spectrum of technologies available to us to mix and match as appropriate for the particular client or project at hand.

    We were quick to adopt and promote open source GIS and have built up significant technical capacity. Please refer to the technology matrix for details our technical skillset on open source GIS technologies.

  • GeoSpatial Data Modeling, Design and Analysis
    GeoSpatial Data Modeling, Design and Analysis

    GIS is all around data, and how well spatial data is modeled would determine how effective GIS would be as a business tool. Data is the differentiating factor between geospatial technology projects and mainstream technology projects. We do understand spatial data and have been through a substantial number of projects, dealing with data in a number of different verticals.

    We use industry leading modeling tools and techniques for guiding the organization through articulating spatial features that are important to the business. We go through a rigorous process of analyzing this data captured and builds model that is best fit for the business features.

  • AflexMap – Cross-platform map viewer framework
    AflexMap – Cross-platform map viewer framework

    Nearly all enterprise geospatial application projects spend 40-60% of the project budget for building generic map presentation and management functionalities. AflexMap is a well thought-out map framework that includes all such common features and much more. It has advanced map presentation capabilities and integrates seamlessly in high volume and multi-technology solution projects.

    Versatile and cross-platform

    • Supports industry leading Web Mapping Frameworks:
      • ArcGIS JS API, Open Layers, Google Maps API
    • Supports prominent Map Services
      • Google Maps, Bing Maps, OGC Services, ArcGIS REST service
    • Flexibility for integrating advanced platform specific mapping features
      • ArcGIS Geoprocessing Services, PostGIS extensions
    • Ability to create Simple Custom Map services using data feeds from different sources, without using any map servers
      • RDBMS, SharePoint, Excel/CSV
    • Ability to configure any point layer to view in the Clustered View

    Powerful map presentation and querying features

    • Supports custom Thematic Mapping of individual layers
    • Powerful multi layer identify, spatial search and buffering tools
    • Powerful global search, Geocode search and advanced attribute search

    Personalization and user interaction features

    • Draw features and Annotation on the map and ability to save and retrieve it
    • Simple feature editing tools
    • Powerful localization features (multilingual)
    • Ability to save the map instances for later use, and retrieval across user base
    • Flexibility to reconfigure the layers by adding, removing, reordering and regrouping

    Thoughtful architecture

    • Authentication and authorization framework to support Active Directory integration or custom user base
    • Cleanly separated presentation and business layers support easy integration of custom user interfaces
    • Localization framework with support for right to left orientation

    Integration ready

    • Easy and seamless integration options for map enabling existing applications
    • In bound / outbound communication channels
    • Specific layers can be configured to integrate with external systems / applications

    Simplified yet powerful administration features

    • Centralized authentication and authorization features, with SSO options
    • Central management of user experience by configuring map viewer
    • Powerful layer management tools
  • GIS Auxiliary Services
    GIS Auxiliary Services

    GIS being a highly specialized field, providing geospatial related auxiliary services also require the domain knowledge and expertize in the field to be effective. Following are some of the auxiliary services we provide that are designed for geospatial projects or related organizations.

    Data Processing Services

    We provide in house and vendor supported data processing services, including map digitizing, mapping services, data quality assurance and data entry.


    We provide temporary or permanent staffing services to organizations that require geospatial related skills, including analysis, development and data processing resources

AflexMap is a cross platform map viewing framework that offers significant reduction in development time and budget for enterprise geospatial projects.
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About Us

Corporate Overview

Aflex Geospatial Solutions (AflexGIS) is a division of Naico Information Technology Services (P) Ltd., a premier technology company specialized in providing IT and IT Enabled Services to clients around the world. With a humble start in 2005, Naico quickly grew into a premier technology solution provider with an impressive list of projects under its belt in geospatial solutions, enterprise web applications and data warehousing.

Leadership Team

AflexGIS was founded by a team of highly accomplished veterans in the geospatial industry with an average individual experience of 25 years. All members in the founding team are international award winners, and have made unique contributions and achievements in complementing areas. AflexGIS is strengthened by a panel of strategic consultants who are industry leaders in their own areas of expertise, lead by our Chief Strategic Consultant, Dr. Abdul Salam - Ex-scientist, Indian Space Research Organization.


Our mission is to capitalize the knowledge and experience we possess in a very important vertical of science and technology, Geospatial Sciences, to make a broad positive influence on the life on this earth.


Naico has a four-part vision that has driven the company forward over the last 10 years.
  • Delight customers with superior technology solutions and support
  • Gratify employees with challenging career and cherishing work culture
  • Selflessly care for the society and nature around us
  • Grow in a continuous and sustained manner while maintaining outstanding financial stability.


Our corporate culture values integrity, honesty, openness, and mutual respect.We are dedicated to serving the local community by fostering education, improving quality of life and enabling jobs and opportunities.

Our clients


Naico has been a trustworthy technology partner since the inception of our relationship. They have consistently demonstrated an uncommon level of commitment, ownership, dependability and expertise in creating user-friendly software solutions for our business. I can confidently say that the trust level in our relationship has grown far beyond that of a typical client-vendor relationship and we quite literally think of them as a natural extension of our direct team.

Kent Ivanoff

Kent Ivanoff

CEO, iVinciHealth, USA

Thank you for all your help in building the EETimes content management and publishing platform. Your ongoing QA services has been wonderful. I have a hunch that we will be working together for a long time!

Brent Pearson

Brent Pearson


We have done a series of software projects with Naico for many of our institutions. The team in Naico can concieve the concepts very fast and their response time is excellent.Our team really enjoys working with Naico.One of the best technology service providers we have ever worked with!

Dr. Abdul Gafoor

Chairman, Aaliya Health Foundation, UAE

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Our mission in every engagement is to solve a business problem using technology than to build software.