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ArcGIS Enterprise
Application Development

We provide end-to-end enterprise solution development services on ESRI’s ArcGIS platform, starting from requirements analysis to enterprise architecture to solution development to implementation.

Open GIS Enterprise
Application Development

In today’s world, geospatial solutions are used by startups tocorporates, in addition to governments. Availability of Open Source based geospatial technologies has been one of the key reasons for this positive shift in the industry.

GeoSpatial Data Modeling,
Design and Analysis

GIS is all around data, and how well spatial data is modeled would determine how effective GIS would be as a business tool. We go through a rigorous process of analyzing data and build models best fit for the business.


Our strategic consulting helps business leaders and government organizations identify and realize the value that spatial data and geospatial technologies can add to their businesses.

Geospatial Industry Specialization

AflexGIS is a leading provider of geospatial software engineering services to clients across the globe. Our geospatial services provide solutions for local governments, health care institutions, utility companies, marketing firms, data research institutions, to name just a few

Local/State Government


Utility Companies

Public Health and Safety

Market Analysis



Business value located

AflexMap is a cross platform map viewing framework that offers significant reduction in development time and budget for enterprise geospatial projects.

Why reinvent the wheel?

Spatial Data Infrastructure - Case Study

  •   Highly successful SDI deployment
  •   15+ government agencies
  •   6+ data formats
  •   3+ new agencies became GIS enabled
  •   Scalable multi-technology architecture


What people say about us


" MSDI best practices approach and implementation is a perfect model for other cities to follow." - National SDI Committee

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