AflexMap – Cross-platform map viewer framework

Nearly all enterprise geospatial application projects spend 40-60% of the project budget for building generic map presentation and management functionalities. AflexMap is a well thought-out map framework that includes all such common features and much more. It has advanced map presentation capabilities and integrates seamlessly in high volume and multi-technology solution projects.

Versatile and cross-platform

  • Supports industry leading Web Mapping Frameworks:
    • ArcGIS JS API, Open Layers, Google Maps API
  • Supports prominent Map Services
    • Google Maps, Bing Maps, OGC Services, ArcGIS REST service
  • Flexibility for integrating advanced platform specific mapping features
    • ArcGIS Geoprocessing Services, PostGIS extensions
  • Ability to create Simple Custom Map services using data feeds from different sources, without using any map servers
    • RDBMS, SharePoint, Excel/CSV
  • Ability to configure any point layer to view in the Clustered View

Powerful map presentation and querying features

  • Supports custom Thematic Mapping of individual layers
  • Powerful multi layer identify, spatial search and buffering tools
  • Powerful global search, Geocode search and advanced attribute search

Personalization and user interaction features

  • Draw features and Annotation on the map and ability to save and retrieve it
  • Simple feature editing tools
  • Powerful localization features (multilingual)
  • Ability to save the map instances for later use, and retrieval across user base
  • Flexibility to reconfigure the layers by adding, removing, reordering and regrouping

Thoughtful architecture

  • Authentication and authorization framework to support Active Directory integration or custom user base
  • Cleanly separated presentation and business layers support easy integration of custom user interfaces
  • Localization framework with support for right to left orientation

Integration ready

  • Easy and seamless integration options for map enabling existing applications
  • In bound / outbound communication channels
  • Specific layers can be configured to integrate with external systems / applications

Simplified yet powerful administration features

  • Centralized authentication and authorization features, with SSO options
  • Central management of user experience by configuring map viewer
  • Powerful layer management tools